Tips for a Successful Arya Samaj Marriage Ceremony in Delhi

Arya Samaj marriage tips

Arya Samaj marriage ceremonies in Delhi are known for their simplicity, spirituality, and cultural significance. For couples planning to tie the knot in an Arya Samaj ceremony, ensuring a successful and memorable event requires careful planning and attention to detail. This blog offers valuable Arya Samaj marriage tips for couples, who are planning a successful … Read more

Eligibility for Court Marriage: Understanding the Legal Criteria

specific eligibility criteria

Court marriage, a legal union between two individuals, necessitates adherence to specific eligibility criteria to ensure its validity and legality. Let’s delve into the comprehensive requirements of court marriage in Ghaziabad: 1. Marital Status: Before entering into a court marriage, it is imperative that both parties confirm they have not been living as husband and … Read more

What Is the Role of Witnesses in Court Marriage?

Witnesses in Court Marriage

In India, marriages come in various forms, including registered and customary ones. Court marriages, like those registered in court marriage registration in Delhi, follow legal norms. Here’s why witnesses matter: Witnesses ensure the marriage is legally recognized. They confirm identities and ensure both parties marry willingly, as per the Special Marriage Act. In essence, witnesses … Read more

Difference between a Lawyer and an Advocate

difference between lawyer and advocate and attorney

Difference between a Lawyer and an Advocate Nowadays, People are always ready to ensure benefits in any way. It doesn’t matter if somebody is in trouble due to their selfishness or not. Due to this selfishness people always do something against ethics or even against the law. To give justice to the victims, the establishment … Read more

The Process of Court Marriage in Sant Nagar | @2600

court marriage in sant nagar

The Process of Court Marriage in Sant Nagar For a successful court marriage in Sant Nagar, it is crucial to hire an experienced and professional lawyer. This will expedite the process and reduce its duration timeframe. Documents needed for marriage include passport-sized photos of both partners, birth certificates and residence proof such as voter ID … Read more

Court Marriage Fees @5500

Court Marriage Fees

Court Marriages Fees  Court marriage can be an attractive alternative for couples looking to avoid traditional rituals and reduce expenses. Plus, court marriages provide numerous advantages, including being eligible to apply for visas. Both parties must present proof of residency at a court marriage through electricity bills, passports, or Aadhar cards. Court Marriages Fees Delhi … Read more

Procedure for Court Marriage in Delhi 2024

procedure of court marriage in delhi

Procedure for Court Marriage in Delhi 2024 Court marriage can be ideal for those who want to get married quickly and conveniently. The first step in applying for a license will require your date of birth, address proof, and two witnesses – with this paperwork in hand, you’re ready! Once your application has been approved, … Read more

Court Marriage Fees Delhi | Rs 1800 | 8287772088

Court Marriage Fees Delhi Court marriage is a legal process in India through which two people of the opposite sex can marry without any religious ceremony. The process of court marriage in India is governed by the Special Marriage Act, 1954. Court marriage in Delhi is a simple and hassle-free process if all the required … Read more