Court Marriage in Faridabad

Court Marriage in Faridabad

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Court marriage is recognized as the modern way of completing the marriage in a way by which 2 parties who are willing to get married are allowed to get married under the supervision of the court and jurisdiction of the country. The couple will have to make sure that their marriage will get completed by following all the rules and regulations and after fulfilling all the eligibility which are set by the government.

The authority of completing the court marriage and verifying that the rules and regulations will not get violated is given to the marriage registrar. The marriage registrar is the person who has the authority to proceed with the marriage application and place the jurisdiction stamp on it. All the persons are suggested to follow all the instructions as said by the marriage registrar.

In India, there are plenty of religions and caste systems, and all the traditional marriages based on caste are done by the acceptance of the family. In a court marriage consent of the parties replace the importance of caste in marriage. Here, if 2 parties are willing to get married and are eligible also then the jurisdiction of the nation will allow them to get married legally.

Are you living in Faridabad or Haryana and willing to get married by court? Well, if yes then you’re at the right place. In the discussion, we’re going to discuss the information related to court marriage in Faridabad and Court marriage in Haryana. We’ll cover all the information related to court marriage in Faridabad. We also discuss court marriage procedures in Haryana and also cover content related to court marriage fees in Haryana. So, if you’re living in Haryana and willing to get married then just stick with this discussion.

Court Marriage Registration in Faridabad

Court marriage is a legal way to perform a marriage in a way so that the jurisdiction of the nation will allow the marital status of the couple. The couple is guided to arrange several documents for verification purposes and for a very nominal fee the whole procedure of court marriage is done in time.

The whole procedure of court marriage will take 30 days. The time is for the objection period which is announced by the marriage registrar after verifying the application. But, if you want to skip this timing as you are willing to complete your marriage in just one day then you can do Instant court marriage in Faridabad,Haryana/Same Day court marriage and Tatkal court marriage. Under these provisions, your marriage will get completed within 2-3 hours.

For completing a court marriage in Faridabad,Haryana successfully, you must have complete knowledge about court marriage. Well, this article will give you complete knowledge about Court marriage in Faridabad, Haryana. The first thing which you have to know is the essentials of court marriage. So, let’s start with the Essentials of court marriage in Faridabad,Haryana.

Essential to Know About Court marriage in Faridabad

There are plenty of essentials that are required for completing the court marriage in Haryana. Let’s see the content below to know more about the essentiality of Court marriage in Haryana.

  • Age proof is one of the most important eligibility criteria which is essential to become fulfilled for completing the court marriage. According to Indian law, 2 parties who are willing to get married will only get married if they have crossed the minimum age of marriage set by the law. In India, the minimum age for court marriage for a male is set to 21 years, and the legal minimum age of marriage for a female is set to 18 years.
  • The next most important eligibility is the residential address. If you’re going to apply for court marriage in Faridabad or Court marriage in Haryana then you must have the residential address of Faridabad or Haryana respectively. The marriage registrar will check this at your address proof documents. At least one of the parties should have a residential address in Faridabad and Haryana while applying for court marriage in Haryana or Court marriage in Faridabad.
  • Both parties should be of sound mind. Court and jurisdiction if the nation will not allow the marriage with an unsound party because it is risky and under this case, the availability of consent of the unsound mind party occurs. That’s why both parties should be of sound mind.
  • The next eligibility is the availability of previous marital status. If a person who is in a marital relationship with a party is not allowed to get married again to the other party until he will not take divorce from the first party. In the case of violation of this rule, all possible legal actions will be taken against him.
  • The availability of consent is also a most important eligibility criterion for both parties. The whole mechanism of court marriage stands on consent. There is 0 existence of marriage without consent. So, both parties must have proper consent regarding their marriage. If any of the parties were found engaged in the marriage forcefully due to undue influence then the marriage becomes void and the guilty party will face the legal actions taken against him.

So, these are eligibility that is necessary to fulfill before applying for court marriage. Now, let’s discuss the process of competing for Court marriage in Faridabad.

Court Marriage Procedure in Faridabad

Now, it’s time to discuss the detailed procedure of court marriage procedure in Haryana and the Court marriage procedure in Faridabad. Well, the court marriage procedure in Haryana and Faridabad is the same so we can easily cover both often in a single procedure. See all the steps below to know about the court marriage procedure in Haryana and the Court marriage procedure in Faridabad.

  • Firstly, you must hire a reputed court marriage lawyer for your case. He will assist you and provide you with a cover for any legal hindrances. You can contact us for a counseling session and appointment with our highly experienced and professional lawyers who are always ready to serve you our best services.
  • Arrange all the documents which the court will guide to provide. The complete list of documentation will be provided in the below section.
  • Take the application form and fill it out properly. Make sure that the application form attains the signature of both the parties and the photos of both the parties should be attached to the application form.
  • Verify the details of the application form and apply for your court marriage in the district court.
  • The marriage registrar will check your application and verify your documents. After checking and verifying your documents the marriage registrar will announce a 30 days objection period.
  • So, you have to wait for 30 days and after the completion of 30 days, you have to revisit the court. The marriage registrar will again verify your details and after verifying your details the marriage registrar will complete the further formalities.
  • At last, the marriage registrar will issue the marriage certificate and hence the court marriage in Haryana or Faridabad will get completed.
Note:- The total work time for completing the court marriage in Haryana and court marriage in Faridabad is about 30 days. But if you want to complete the procedure in just one day then you have to apply for an instant court marriage.The charges of executing an instant court marriage are comparatively high but you don’t have to wait for 30 days. The whole work of completing the court marriage will be done in just one day or even in 2-3 hours. You can contact us for executing your instant court marriage in Faridabad and Haryana.

So, this is the short and easy procedure that you have to follow for completing the court marriage. You have to make sure that all the documents are real and that all the information is verified.

Documentation in Court Marriage in Faridabad

The availability of documentation is one of the most important things which everyone should have to ensure. Mistakes in documentation may lead to the cancellation of the marriage application process. So, you have to ensure that the documentation should be real and verified. See the list below to know the exact list of major documents that are required in the work of court marriage in Faridabad:-

Application form

The application form is the primary document that is available in court. You can also collect it from the official website of the district court. In the application form, you have to fill in the details of both parties. The application form should be signed by the parties and also attains photographs of both parties.

Age proof documents

According to Indian law, 2 persons are only eligible to get married if they have crossed the legal age of marriage which is set by the government. The Legal age of marriage for a boy is 21 years and for a girl, it is set to 18 years. PAN card, Passport, Driving license, Matriculation certificate, and Birth certificate are some major Age proof documents.

Address proof

Both parties will have to ensure the residency of the couple in the district in which they have applied for court marriage. The marriage registrar will check the residential address of both parties and verify whether the address is in the district or not. The major documents of address proof are electricity bill, Passport, rent agreement, Aadhar card, etc.


1 witness from each side is required for the completion of court marriage. The witnesses are also guided to have their local ID with them. A witness can be anyone like your family members, friends, relatives, colleagues, or anyone who has a relationship with you.


2-3 photographs are required for completing the court marriage in Faridabad. The photographs should be in the passport size and the background of the photographs must attain blue, red, or white background.

So, these are the compulsory documents that are required for completing the court marriage work. But some other documents are also required but in specified conditions let’s take a short look at them.

  • A divorce certificate:- it is required if one of the parties has faced divorce before and is now getting married again. This is to verify whether the legal divorce is done by the old partner or not.
  • A death certificate:- this document is required when one of the parties is a widow or spouse. This is to verify whether the former partner of both parties died or not.
  • Affidavit:- This document is asked when the parents of the parties are not available at the time of marriage as a witness.
  • VISA:- If one of the parties who are willing to get married belongs to another nation then he/she will have to show their VISA and another legal document asked by the court.

So, those are the documents that are asked for on a specified condition. For more information regarding the documentation and clearing doubt regarding Documentation in court marriage Faridabad, contact us and book your appointment.

Court Marriage Fees In Faridabad

We’re one of the best court marriage associates in Haryana and Faridabad. We’ve completed our 5th year of glory and we proudly say that we’re ranked as one of the most affordable and reputed court marriage associates in Delhi.

Our court marriage fees are very nominal. We charge the most reasonable price from our customers and that is our specialty. We believe in customer satisfaction and that’s why our charges are very low. For completing court marriage in Haryana and Court marriage in Faridabad we only charge the minimum court marriage fees in Haryana of Rs. 1800. Our customers will not have to pay any extra amount regarding their court marriage. We don’t charge any hidden costs or any extra charges. Your complete marriage in Haryana and Faridabad will get completed within the small price of Rs. 1800.

So, don’t wait. We have the most talented and highly professional persons who have easily completed your court marriage work and cleared all the hindrances without any issue. You can visit our center which is located in Ch. no. 756 A, First Floor Western Wing, Tis Hazari, Delhi, 110054. If you want to talk to our officials then you can also contact us on 8287772088. So, come fast and book your appointment today and give us a chance to serve you the best.

People Also Ask

Court marriage in Faridabad refers to a marriage solemnized in the presence of a magistrate or a judge within the court premises. It involves the couple appearing before the court along with witnesses to declare their intention to marry. Marriage registration, on the other hand, is the legal process of recording the marriage with the government authorities. While court marriage is a method of solemnizing the marriage, registration is a legal requirement to validate the marriage under the law. Essentially, court marriage is the ceremony, while marriage registration is the documentation of that ceremony with the government.

Yes, court marriage in Faridabad can be completed in one day. The process usually involves submitting necessary documents, such as identification proof and residence proof, at the marriage registrar’s office. Both partners need to appear together along with witnesses. After verification, the marriage is solemnized, and a marriage certificate is issued on the same day. It’s essential to check the specific requirements and timings of the Faridabad court where you plan to register your marriage. Planning ahead and ensuring all documents are in order can help facilitate a smooth and quick court marriage process in Faridabad.

The court marriage process for foreigners in Faridabad is somewhat similar to that for Indian citizens. However, additional documentation may be required, such as a no objection certificate (NOC) from the concerned embassy or consulate, valid passports, and proof of eligibility to marry. Both partners, along with witnesses, need to appear before the marriage registrar at the designated court. After verification of documents and solemnization of the marriage, a marriage certificate is issued. It’s crucial for foreigners to consult with the appropriate authorities or legal experts to ensure they fulfill all necessary requirements for court marriage in Faridabad.

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