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Court Marriage Registration in Delhi/NCR

Friends, if you are thinking of doing court marriage or are planning to do court marriage, then court marriage registration is a good option for you.
If you want to do love marriage with someone or want to get married without the consent of the family members, then you can do court marriage or marriage registration because now the process of court marriage and marriage registration has become very simple and easy. How court marriage is done, how marriage registration is done, what is its entire process, what are the documents required in this, all this is being told to you through this article.

The best option for love marriage couples is the marriage registration whichever lover couple wants to marry according to their choice, then marriage registration has now become very easy for the loving couple because Neither it has to follow a very lengthy process nor does it have to go to the court again and again for the legal proceedings of the court, so it has become very easy to do court marriage and marriage registration.


Marriage registration process:-

The process of registration among friends is the same in almost all the states of the country. In the process of marriage registration, the process of marriage is first done according to all the customs which are as follows.

For Hindu couples:-

Before marriage registration, all the rituals of marriage are performed in the temple by taking seven rounds in front of the fire in the presence of Pandit ji with full customs in the temple, thus the marriage is solemnized.

For Muslim couples:-

If the couple is Muslim, then Muslim rituals are organized for Muslim couples, marriage is done by the Maulvi, in this way the marriage is performed according to Muslim customs.

NOTE – So friends, before getting the marriage registration done, marriage is done after completing all the matrimonial rituals and in this way the marriage is registered after getting married, the registration of marriage is done in the registrar’s office, usually marriage registration is considered a simple method. Because it takes less time than court marriage, whereas court marriage takes 30 days and you can do marriage registration in a single day. That is, in a few hours, in 2 to 3 hours, you can complete the process of marriage registration. And can also get a marriage certificate immediately.


Required documents for marriage registration:-

  1. Both the boy and the girl should have identity proof such as (Aadhar Card Identity Card or Driving License.).
  2. Both the boy and the girl should have a birth certificate like- (Birth certificate or 10th mark sheet).
  3. Both the boy and the girl should have a permanent residence certificate.
  4. Both the boy and the girl should have two passport size photographs each.
  5. There should be one witness each from the side of both the boy and the girl and both the witnesses should also have their ID proof and two passport size photographs each.

Cost of marriage registration:-

If you also want to do an Arya Samaj marriage then the charge of Arya Samaj marriage is Rs.2000

If you want to register for Arya Samaj Marriage together then its charges Rs.5500

If you want to do Arya Samaj Marriage and immediate registration together, then its charge is Rs.8000 (One Person Should be a resident Of Ghaziabad)

Same day court marriage:-

Friends, if you want to do same-day court marriage then friends now it is also possible because now you can do legal marriage in no time, it takes only 2 to 3 hours, that’s why this marriage It is called same day court marriage or immediate court marriage.
Now you can do instant court marriage from Delhi also, its process is not complicated but it is quite simple and easy.

Details about tatkal or same day court marriage:- 

  1. Friends, it takes only 1 to 2 hours for Tatkal court marriage.
  2. Both the boy and the girl should be an adult for the instant court marriage. To get married, 21 years of the boy should have completed 18 years of the girl’s adult age, otherwise, the marriage will be considered invalid.
  3. Both the boy and the girl should be mentally healthy.
  4. Both the boy and the girl should have all the necessary documents and all the documents should be original.
  5. Friends, you can make a plan anytime for instant marriage or same-day marriage. You can do tatkal marriage on Monday to Saturday.
  6. You can do instant marriage even on Sunday but the extra charge for Sunday is 1000/- extra Sunday
  7. The charges for tatkal court marriage or same day court marriage are 8000/-
  8. You get the certificate of Arya Samaj and immediate court marriage on the same day itself.

So friends, here are some simple rules that are followed in immediate court marriage, Arya Samaj marriage, same-day court marriage.

Simple court marriage process:-

If you want to do a general court marriage, then this court marriage is done under the Special Marriage Act 1954, for this, first, you have to give an application to the office of the Deputy District Officer or Divisional Magistrate, with which all the necessary documents are also to be attached. If the application is accepted, then 30 days time is given from the day of acceptance. You can also call it the waiting period. This waiting period is given because at this time other proceedings are taken by the court which is as follows. After accepting the application, the notice of marriage is published on the notice board of the Tehsil and the notice board of the Office of the Registrar of Marriages the information of marriage is also published in the national newspaper.

The publication of the information is done so that if the relatives or relatives of both the boy and the girl have any objection regarding such marriage, then he can raise that objection. So 30 days time is taken. If no objection is raised, the date of marriage is fixed and on the appointed date the marriage is solemnized in the presence of a Deputy District Officer or Sub-Divisional Magistrate and a certificate of marriage is issued. So by this process, ordinary court marriage can be done. But due to the lengthy process, there are very few people who like to do court marriage in this way, whereas apart from this people prefer to do marriage registration or instant court marriage.

Prerequisites for court marriage:-

  1. Both the parties should be unmarried:- For court marriage both the boy and the girl should be unmarried if one of the parties is already married then the divorce certificate of the first marriage or if the first husband or wife has died then He should have a death certificate.
  2. Both the parties should be of sound mind:- At the time of marriage both the boy and the girl should be mentally sound, no one should be mentally ill.
  1. Both the parties should be of age: – At the time of marriage, both the boy and the girl should be an adult, the age of the groom should be 21 years or more and the age of the bride should be 18 years or more, otherwise the marriage will be invalid.
  2. There should be complete consent of both the parties:- Free consent of both the parties is necessary for getting married, marriage should not be done under any kind of pressure otherwise the marriage will be valid.
  3. Both the parties should be capable of procreation: – To marry, both the boy and the girl should be capable of procreation. is done.
  4. Neither of the parties should come under a fixed relationship:- While doing court marriage, it must be kept in mind that marriage done in a fixed relationship will be an invalid indefinite relationship like boy and girl not coming under a brother-sister relationship. should or should not fall under any other definite relation. The marriage made in the relationship will be invalid.


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