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Love Marriage Registration

Love marriage was one of the biggest issues in society. Indian society believes in the traditional marriage of a couple which is done under the supervision and acceptance of the family members. In modern times, the people of India take the initiative to appeal for completing the marriage with the consent of both parties. Amendment done in 1954, where the jurisdiction of the nation passed an act named Special marriage act, 1954 under this act 2 parties who are willing to get married are allowed to get married under the supervision of the court.

Later, various kinds of amendments were done and now we’re getting introduced to the name of court marriage where 2 parties are allowed to get married if they have proper consent to get married to each other. They just have to be eligible as per the rules and regulations of the recognized act. The couple will get global recognition with a marriage certificate which is provided by the court.

In this discussion, we’re going to examine love marriage and court marriage. The execution of court marriage is easy and effective. If you’re like a person who doesn’t want to spend too much money and too much time and still wanna complete your marriage with your loved one, a love marriage will be the best option for you.

Here, we’re going to discuss the love marriage documents and the love marriage registration procedure. Here, we’ll discuss what type of documents are required for the completion of a love marriage registration and also let you know about the detailed procedure of live marriage registration. If you’re willing to complete your love marriage registration but don’t know anything about it then you’re at the right place. Just stick with this discussion and let us explain everything to you.

Love marriage registration

Love marriage registration is a modern way of getting married where 2 parties who are in love and want to get married to each other will get married under the acceptance and supervision of the Jurisdiction of the court. Both parties will have to prove that they’re completely eligible and ready to get married according to the rules and regulations set by the government.

The couple is guided to hire a highly professional court marriage lawyer for their assistance. The court marriage lawyer will help to supervise your case and also you have to clear all the hindrances which may occur in the court marriage. Lovers are free to get married to their loved person and the jurisdiction of the room is completely available to them.

Court marriage is very less expensive. You can complete the whole love marriage registration in a small amount which is taken by the associates for completing your marriage. Also, the procedure of court marriage is very easy to do. Generally, the whole procedure of court marriage or love marriage registration will take the time of 30 days but there is a provision where the complete procedure of court marriage can be done within a day.

Love marriage registration is easy to do and provides global recognition of married couples who have completed their marriage through love marriage registration. Now, Let’s discuss what are the eligibility requirements for completing the love marriage registration.

Eligibilities of Love marriage registration?

For completing the court marriage the couple must have to fulfill the eligibility criteria which is set by the government. These eligibilities criteria required for love marriage registration are listed below:-

  • The first and most important eligibility criteria for court marriage are completion of the age criteria which are set by the government. In India, there is a provision that love marriage registration is only acceptable if the 2 parties have crossed the minimum age for love marriage registration. The government set the minimum age of marriage for boys as 21 years and 18 years for girls. The marriage registrar will ensure the verification of the age limit. If found anything wrong the remarriage registrar has the complete right to cancel the marriage registration.
  • Address proof is the next most important eligibility criterion. Which is checked by the marriage registrar. According to Indian law, in a love marriage registration if 2 parties have applied for a love marriage registration in a specified district then it is very important that they have residency in this same district. Let us know with an example:- suppose if you have applied for love marriage registration in Noida then according to the rule of the government. The couple will have to ensure their residency in Noida.
  • Both the parties who have applied for court marriage or love marriage registration have to ensure the marriage registrar that they’re not in another relationship. If one party is already married and the law doesn’t allow him to get married to someone again. If anyone tries to do this and is caught then all the possible legal actions will be taken against him.
  • Both parties have to ensure that no one is unsound. A marriage with an unsound mind person is not legal. A mentally unstable person is not able to deal with the actual problems and cannot make the right decision for themselves. That’s why the law doesn’t provide the provision for completing the court marriage or love marriage registration with an unsound mind.
  • Consent is one of the most important things in every love marriage registration. The whole concept of court marriage depends upon the consent of both parties. Both parties should have mutually accepted each other and have full consent for completing their love marriage registration.

So, this is the complete list of eligibility that every couple should have to fulfill before going to complete the love marriage registration. Once you have the exact knowledge about the love marriage registration then it’s to discuss the documentation which is required for completing the love marriage registration.

Love marriage documents

The documentation of love marriage documents marriage registration attend along is to complete. Once you have all the documents with you then you’ll become eligible to complete your love marriage without any hindrance. See the content below to know more.

Application form

The application form is available in the court or you can also download these documents from the official website of the court. Once you get the application form, download the print and fill the application with details. This required your details like Name, Address, phone number, etc. Make sure that both parties have placed their signature on it.

Address proof documents.

Address proof documents are required to check the residency of the couple. In the eligibility criteria, we have discussed that the couple who have applied for court marriage must have the residential address of the specified district court. Some of the major address proof documents are:- Aadhar cards, Electricity bills, rent agreements, etc.

Age proof documents

To fill in another eligibility that we have discussed, the couple is only able to get married only if they have completed their minimum age of court marriage and love marriage registration. The age of a male party should not be less than 21 years and the age of a female party should not be less than 18 years. To verify this, the marriage registrar asks for age-proof documents.

Some of the age-proof documents are PAN cards, Aadhar cards, passports, Driving licenses, Matriculation certificates, and Birth certificates.


1 witness from each side is required for the completion of court marriage. A witness can be anyone like your family members, friends, relatives, colleagues, or anyone who has a relationship with you. Also, it is directed to the witness that the witness soul has to bring their local ID for personal verification.


2-3 photographs are required for completing the love marriage registration. The photographs should be in the passport size and the background of the photographs must attain blue, red, or white background (this is not compulsory but provided on preference.

So, those are the compulsory documents that are required for completing the love marriage registration. Well, some other documents are also required only in specified conditions. If you want to know more about these documents then follow the content below:-

  • Death Certificate:- if one of the parties has faced the death of his previous partner but is now willing to get married to someone then also he/she will have to submit the death certificate of the previous partner.
  • A divorce certificate:- it is required if one of the parties has faced divorce before and is now getting married again. This is to verify whether the legal divorce is done by the old partner or not.
  • Affidavit:- This document is asked when the parents of the parties are not available at the time of marriage as a witness. This affidavit should be signed by both parties.

Hence, this is the complete list of documents that are used for completing love marriage registration. If we missed any of the documents then you can make contact with our highly professional court marriage lawyer. They can clear all your doubts regarding love marriage registration.

Register marriage procedure for lovers

If you’re lovers and you want to register your marriage from the court then you just have to follow the procedure which is listed below:-

  • Firstly, you have to visit our associates and book your counseling appointment. Here, we’ll clear all your doubts and prepare you for love marriage registrations.
  • Now, we download the application form from the official website of the district court, and after that prepare you for filling the form correctly.
  • You have to arrange all the documents which you have or which we have discussed in the above section of the discussion.
  • Once all the documents will get arranged then it’s time to complete the work of love marriage registration. So, you have to apply for court marriage or love marriage registration in your district court.
  • The marriage registrar will verify your documents and make sure that the marriage application is legal or not? When the Marriage registrar verifies itself then he announces the time duration of 30 days which is called an objection period.
  • After the completion of the objection period. The couple will again have to visit the don’t and the marriage registrar will again verify the documents. Once he’ll get satisfied with the documents then the marriage registrar provides acceptance to the marriage.
  • Lastly, the marriage registrar will announce the completion of the marriage after completing some small legal rituals and formalities.
  • The couple will get the marriage registration certificate from the court and till that time they are recognized as a married couple.

So, here we have discussed the exact registration marriage procedure for lovers. I’m that you understand every step properly. Still, if you have any confusion regarding the completion of your work then you can contact us. Our highly professional and expert lawyers are always available to serve you. If you wanna know more about us then follow the content below.

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