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Muslim Court Marriage in Delhi


Muslim Court Marriage in Delhi

If you want to do Muslim marriage then you can do Court Marriage Muslim Marriage here Court Marriage Muslim Marriage Act of India came in 1954, in this act the marriage of the Muslims of India was organized which was done under this Act. Under this, Hindus or Muslims marry of their own free will and they marry without any coercion in any way.


⮞ Some Points For Muslim Marriage

Both the parties that both the Libra and the bride should be of Muslim religion

The age of both the parties should be of marriageable age and their mental condition should be sound

Both Muslim parties must have their documents completed


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Muslim court marriage in Delhi nikah in Delhi

India is a liberal nation where many religions live happily. People from every religion have their rituals and tradition of pursuing things like the birth of a child, Marriages, and many others. People from several religions celebrate various types of occasions differently. Likewise, the execution of court marriage in the Muslim religion is also quite different compared to Hinduism, and other religions.

In Hinduism, Marriage is denoted with the name “Shadi” or “Vivah”. Likewise, Marriage is denoted as “Nikah” in the Muslim religion. Nikah denotes an agreement that is done between 2 parties with their consent to live together as husband and wife. The execution of Nikah can’t be done without the acceptance of their family members.

If you’re more curious to know about Muslim court marriage in Delhi and willing to perform Muslim court marriage in Delhi you’re at the right place. Here, we’re going to examine the documentation, Features, procedure, prerequisites, and many more about Muslim court marriage in Delhi. So, without wasting any time let’s start our discussion.

Essentials to know about Muslim court marriage?

The execution of Muslim court marriage is quite different as comparing the marriage execution in other religions. Some of the essentials which everyone willing to perform court marriage should know are listed below:-

  • In Muslim Nikah, there is no minimum age that is pursued in the religion. The Nikah in the Muslim religion can be done whenever the families of both parties are ready to pursue the marriage.
  • Consent is one of the major components in Muslim court marriage or we can say Muslim Nikah. At the time of marriage, the Priest has to perform the ritual of asking for the consent of both the parties regarding the marriage. After the acceptance of marriage by both parties, the marriage becomes valid.
  • For Muslim court marriage, the parties will have to perform the legal procedure according to the law as per the jurisdiction of the nation.
  • If any Muslim court marriage is performed forcefully or done under undue influence and found guilty then the guilty person faces the possible consequences as per the law of the nation.
  • If one of the parties neglects to accept the availability of marriage then the marriage becomes void.
  • For Muslims, having 4 wives is also valid so there is no restriction to having a married relationship with a lady while pursuing another ride with another lady.

So, these are some essentials about Muslim court marriage in Delhi. Now, let’s discuss the documentation which is required for Muslim court marriage in Delhi.

Documentation for Muslim court marriage in Delhi?

When you visit the court for Muslim court marriage in Delhi you have arranged several documents. See The content below to know about the documents which are required for Muslim court marriage.

  • Age proof:- For performing Muslim court marriage in Delhi, both the part is will have to follow the rules amd guidelines of the jurisdiction of the nation. Both the parties should have to show their Age proof document. You can provide PAN Card, Matriculation certificate Passport, etc as your Age proof document.
  • Application form:- The application form is one of the primary documents which is required for Muslim court marriage. The Form is available in court or you can also download the form from the official website of Delhi court marriage. You have to fill the form with correct and genuine details and also have to ensure that the form is signed by both parties.
  • Address proof:- Both the parties will have to assure their residence in Delhi. The residence should be at least for 30 days. You can easily show the Rent agreement, Electricity bill, or any other document which attains your residential address.
  • Witness:- Witness is the compulsory person in every type of court marriage. 1 witness from each side is required for the proceeding of the Muslim court marriage. The witness can be anyone who attends a relationship with you like a Friend, Relative, family, etc. If your family member is not available in the marriage then the couple will have to issue an affidavit.
  • 2 passport size photos are also required of each party. A single couple photo is also required in the form.

These are the major documents that are required for the completion of Muslim court marriage.

Note:- Optional Document

  • If one of the parties is Widow or spouse then he/she will have to show the death certificate of the partner who passed away at the time of marriage.
  • If one party faced divorce he/she will have to show the divorce certificate to the court.

Procedure to perform Muslim court marriage in Delhi?

We’ve covered a lot and now it’s time for discussing the procedure of Muslim court marriage in Delhi.

  • Firstly, you have to visit the court and hire a highly reputed and professional lawyer for your marriage. The availability of a highly professional and certified lawyer is necessary to deal with any situation during the execution of marriage. To get protection from fraud lawyers you can call us on 8287772088 or can also visit our office located in a court, 756 A, First Floor Western Wing, Tis Hazari, Delhi, 110054.
  • Now, fill the form with genuine details and check them again. Attach all the documents which we have discussed above and visit the court.
  • You can also register for marriage after completing Nikah so if you’ve completed your nikah then you have to show the document given as proof of your marriage by the priest.
  • Visit the court and apply for Muslim court marriage in Delhi. The marriage registrar will verify all the details and announce 30 days which is called the objection period.
  • After the completion of 30 days, you have to visit with your partner and complete the further formalities guided by the marriage registrar.
  • Your marriage will be completed and you’ll get a marriage certificate of your court marriage soon.

Note:- What if one of the parties belongs to an another religion

If one of the parties belongs to another religion the party will have to change its religion and become converted to the Muslim religion. When the Anti-religion party gets converted into a Muslim religion then the marriage will get executed as discussed above.

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