Mutual Divorce Lawyer in Delhi

Mutual Divorce Lawyer in Delhi

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If you are looking for the best mutual divorce advocate in Delhi for completing your divorce procedure easily by the court then you’re at the right place. In this discussion, we’re going to discuss everything about divorce and later, you’ll get your solution regarding mutual divorce lawyers.

The cases of Divorce are majorly seen in the person who has completed their marriage by the court. People get married to people without spending the right time with them and after marriage, they become unstable with their partner. Well, this is also possible for people to get married to the wrong person who looks right initially.

Every couple has a personal reason for completing the court marriage and likewise, they maintain their separate reasons for getting the divorce. If you’re also willing to complete your divorce or curious to know about the procedure of divorce then you’re at the right place. In this discussion, we’re providing information regarding our services and we also discuss what are the problems you have to face for completing the divorce. You’ll also get introduced to our services which are always available to serve you. You’ll get introduced to the best mutual divorce lawyer in Delhi and the court marriage and divorce services which we provide to you. So, if you want to know about the Best mutual divorce lawyers and every kind of formalities which you have to complete for completing the divorce from the court then you’re at the right place just read the discussion carefully and we’ll explain everything.

What is Mutual Divorce?

People who have completed their court martial before but don’t want to continue will take the help of divorce provisions. This is a provision under which every married one has a right to see the person with whom they have married and this work will get completed under the supervision of the court.

Application of divorce can be done under 2 categories.

  • If one party cheated on him and then the other party wants a divorce. Well, in this case, if any illegal activity gets involved then the guilty party will have to face the consequences and the court will take every possible legal action against him.
  • The next case is both theories have completed their marriage with their full consent and they want to complete theirs with mutual consent. The reason can be anything. Mutual divorce is good because both parties can easily complete their divorce with mutual consent.

Both cases define the concept of divorce and if any kind of illegal activity is available in the couple then the Court will sue the guilty party and the judge has the full right to punish the guilty party.

Completing the divorce from the court attains a large variety of documentation and it will take you 1 to 2 years. If you want to know the detailed procedure for completing the mutual divorce then just stick with us like you’re now and we’ll make you an expert in mutual divorce completion.

Note:- Who is a divorce lawyer in Delhi NCR?

When people are going to complete their court-martial they hire an educated court marriage lawyer for it who has all the detailed knowledge about the court marriage likewise, for completing the mutual divorce in Delhi people will hire a high-quality and highly experienced mutual divorce lawyer who has the expert knowledge about the mutual divorce in Delhi.

He has detailed knowledge about the documents and procedures which are engaged with the mutual divorce procedure and documentation. They can deal with any kind of legal situation which may occur for completing the marriage divorce or we can say mutual divorce.

The Procedure for Mutual Divorce in Delhi

The procedure of Mutual divorce is very hectic and time taking. You have to make sure that you have a high-quality mutual divorce lawyer with you. So, let’s see the procedure which you have to complete for completing the mutual divorce between the 2 parties.

One Year Separation

The procedure of mutual divorce starts with the completion of one year of separation. If 2 parties are willing to get a mutual divorce then they have to live separately for a year and then only they are eligible to apply for their mutual divorce in court. If a couple doesn’t have a year of separation proof then their mutual divorce application will be rejected by the court and they’re not eligible for completing their mutual divorce. So, you have to make sure that you have one year of separation proof.

Filing joint petition

The next step is to file the joint petition. This can also be called an application form for divorce filing. The couple will have to create a petition with their lawyer and this petition will get submitted to the court. The petition will include your basic information and data and the reason why you give for computing the mutual divorce. This petition will send to the court and after seeing the petition and application for mutual divorce

Will get submitted in court.

First Appearance

Now, the next step is the first appearance. In this first appearance, you have to visit the court and face the judge. In front of the judge, you have to clarify the reason for the divorce and verify your documents. Make sure that the reason which is given to the petition and the reason which you give it to the judge will be the same. So, stay with your and ask for a mutual divorce properly. The other party will also get started like this.

Recording statement

When you state to the court then the court will record the statement which you give to the court. Make sure that your statement is clear and that the reason you give for completing the mutual divorce is clear. The statement of both parties will get recorded and after completing the recording of the statement you can visit the next step.

Cooling period

After recording the statement, the court will give a six-month cooling period. This period is provided to every couple who has applied for mutual divorce. This period is available to provide for the couple to live together and if their decision gets changed then they can withdraw their joint petition from the court. In this period, both the parties will have to live together for 6 months and if they’re not ready to cancel the petition then proceed with the further procedure.

Second Appearance

The next work is the second appearance. This appearance will get executed after the completion of the cooling period. This is to check whether the couple has changed their mind or not. If the couple still wants to get divorced their application for divorced will proceed with the further procedure but if the couple wants to cancel their petition then this will be the last stage where they can withdraw their consent.

In the second appearance, the court will ask the couple whether they want to still attain their petition or cancel their petition. The couple who wants to cancel their divorce petition will cancel their petition and the couple who wants to continue the petition can continue the petition.


This is the last stage of mutual divorce where the court will call the couple on the final date and this date, the court will provide the acceptance of their mutual divorce application. On this date, the procedures for divorce will be compared and the parties who’re running a relationship with the person will end from that date. From that day they become divorced and if they want to complete their marriage with someone else then they can.

So, here we have discussed the detailed procedure for completing the mutual divorce. If you want to go to complete the detailed procedure of mutual divorce then you can easily complete your mutual divorce. If you have a query or you want to ask some questions then you can contact us. We have the best mutual divorce lawyer in Delhi who can complete the work of mutual consent divorce without any issue and in less time. We have the best divorce advocates in Delhi who have the expertise in this work and they can easily complete the work of court marriage without any hindrances.

For completing the mutual divorce you have to ensure that you have the proper documentation which is required by the court. The court will check the documents which are required for computing the mutual divorce. So, let’s discuss the documents which are required for computing the mutual divorce in Delhi.

Documents Required for Computing the Mutual Divorce

There are some documents that they don’t ask for to complete your divorce with full acceptance. So, if you’re curious to know about mutual divorce then the knowledge of documentation required will be the most important thing for you to keep in mind without any hindrances. So, let’s see the documents which are used for completing the mutual divorce.


The first and most important document which you have to submit in court. The petition is called the application form of divorce. This attains the announcement that both parties are willing to get a mutual divorce. This petition should be signed by both parties and you have to submit it to the court.

This will take the charge of 1000-1500 lies under different associates. After filing your petition your mutual divorce procedure will get started. You have to make sure that you have issued the petition with full consciousness and you must have proof of 1 year of separation.


This affidavit is also one of the most important documents which should be issued to the court for completing the mutual divorce. This affidavit attains all the desires and demands that the couple asks to get from the court. The party who is looking for the power of attorney will also ask for their right under this affidavit. This attains the demand and acceptance of things that are done between the couple.

ID Card/ ID proof

Both parties will have to show their legal ID proof which is authorized by the government. Documents like Address proof, Age proof are asked for by the court to check whether your marriage is legal or not. If the couple found that their marriage is done illegally then the couple will get punished and every possible legal action will be taken against him.

You have to show your Aadhar card, Passport, driving license, PAN card, and some other documents which are.m asked accordingly. If you want to know more about it then you can easily contact our highly professional divorce lawyer in Delhi who has expended a large amount of time in a career in this field. They can detail to you the related documents which are required for mutual divorce in minutes.

Marriage photographs and Wedding card

Marriage photographs are also required by the court to verify that your marriage is done or not. So, you have to show all the pictures which you have taken at the time of completing the marriage. There are not any criteria for submitting the photos so you can easily get your marriage photographs without any issue.

Also, you have to show the wedding card which you have issued for inviting the persons to your marriage. They can’t also check and consider this document as proof that you have completed your marriage without any issues.

Marriage registration certificate

A marriage registration certificate is one of the most important documents which is required for completing the court marriage. At the time of marriage, the court will check whether the marrow is done with the full consent of both parties or not. This is compulsory that you have shown that your marriage is done without any consent-related issues. The court will ask for the original marriage registration certificate and you have to submit it as described.

So, these are the documents that you have to submit to the court for computing your petition forward and reaching the next stage of divorce. Completing the divorce procedure looks very hectic right but you don’t have to worry because we’re here for you. Completion of all these hectic things is our responsibility and you just have to visit the court when asked. We have the best mutual divorce lawyer in Delhi who has expert knowledge for computing mutual divorce without any hindrances. We have associates who have been working for many years. If you want to know more about us then see the next heading.

Best Mutual Divorce service provider

If you want to get a divorce from your partner and you’re continuously facing the problem in it, we’re the ones who can help you. You just have to visit our office and book an appointment with us. Our association is very reputed and popular in Delhi. We’ve been working for 5 years and we have completed more than 1000 mutual divorces. Our service is very trustworthy. We have some points to offer you which feel our supremacy in the services of mutual divorce in Delhi so check it out below:-

  • By selecting our services we provide you the service of 1-day petition submission. Your petition will get submitted in just one day. You just have to pay the fees of our associates and no extra charge will change from yours for the petition your petition will get submitted in just one day.
  • We provide free free-of-cost advice on small topics of mutual divorce and court marriage also. If you want to know everything in detail we have the most affordable counseling sessions.
  • Delivery of paper is very easy and handed over to you within time. We have the habit of punctuality and that’s why we assure the home delivery of documents with no delays.
  • If your petition is getting canceled you can ask for a full refund and we promise to provide you the full refund of your payment to us.
  • You can ask for as many updates as you want to complete in your documents with our service. We’re always ready to serve you and we think that it’s your right to serve with the best class service without any hindrance.

So, these are the services that deprive the person who has applied for their mutual divorce. Also, if the other party has done something illegal with you then we will help you to file the case and provide you with the pier of attorney.

Our services are easily accessible and affordable. If you’re a person who comes from a middle-class family, we’re the best platform for you who can easily complete your mutual divorce without hindrance.

Why Choose Us?

Looking for the best mutual divorce lawyer in Delhi? Look no further! Our law firm stands out as the top choice for anyone seeking expert legal assistance in navigating the complexities of mutual divorce proceedings. Here’s why you should choose us:

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For assistance from our highly experienced court marriage lawyer contact us at 8287772088 or visit our office which is at Ch. no. 756 A, First Floor Western Wing, Tis Hazari, Delhi, 110054. Give us. Chance and we’ll promise you to complete your work without any hindrances. Give us a call today and let your work be done without any hindrance.

People Aso Ask

In a mutual divorce, alimony isn’t always mandatory. It depends on various factors like the financial situation of both parties, their earning capacity, and their assets. If the spouses agree on terms regarding financial support, including alimony, it can be included in the divorce settlement. However, if both parties are financially independent and agree not to seek alimony, it may not be mandatory. Consulting a mutual divorce lawyer in Delhi, especially the best mutual divorce lawyer in Delhi, can help navigate the legal requirements and ensure a fair settlement tailored to the specific circumstances of the couple.

To get a mutual divorce in Delhi, both spouses need to agree on terms like property division and child custody. Start by drafting a mutual consent petition stating the agreed terms. Then file it in the district court where either spouse resides. Both partners must appear in court for counseling and verification. After a six-month waiting period, if both still agree, the court grants the divorce decree. Hiring the best mutual divorce lawyer in Delhi can simplify the process, ensuring all legal requirements are met efficiently and accurately. They can guide you through paperwork, negotiations, and court proceedings to ensure a smooth divorce process.

To get a divorce fast, you can hire a mutual divorce lawyer in Delhi. They specialize in handling divorces where both parties agree to end the marriage. First, gather all necessary documents like marriage certificate and IDs. Then, consult the lawyer who will guide you through the process. You’ll need to fill out forms, agree on terms like property division and child custody if applicable, and attend court hearings. With mutual consent, the process can be quicker. Keep communication open with your lawyer and spouse to streamline proceedings and ensure a swift resolution.

Hiring a mutual divorce lawyer in Delhi is crucial for a smooth divorce process. These lawyers specialize in navigating the legal complexities of divorce, ensuring fair outcomes for both parties. They provide expert guidance, handle paperwork, and negotiate settlements, reducing stress and conflict. With their knowledge of local laws, they can expedite proceedings, saving time and money. Moreover, they act as mediators, fostering amicable resolutions and protecting your rights. Ultimately, having a competent mutual divorce lawyer by your side offers peace of mind and ensures a smoother transition to the next chapter of your life.

To get a mutual divorce in Delhi, both spouses must agree to end their marriage. They need to draft a settlement agreement covering issues like child custody, property division, and financial support. Then, they file a joint petition in the family court stating their mutual decision to divorce. Both parties must attend counseling sessions, and if the court approves, a decree of divorce is granted. To navigate this process smoothly, hiring the best mutual divorce lawyer in Delhi is crucial. They can guide you through the legal requirements and ensure your rights are protected during the proceedings.

Yes, during a mutual divorce in Delhi, you can settle financial matters amicably. It’s crucial to consult the best mutual divorce lawyer in Delhi to navigate this process smoothly. These lawyers specialize in ensuring fair agreements regarding property division, alimony, and other financial aspects. They help in drafting legal documents that outline the terms agreed upon by both parties, ensuring clarity and fairness. With the assistance of the best mutual divorce lawyer in Delhi, you can resolve financial matters peacefully, avoiding prolonged disputes and unnecessary stress. Their expertise ensures a swift and satisfactory resolution for both parties involved.

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