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Court Marriage Fees Delhi

Court marriage is a legal process in India through which two people of the opposite sex can marry without any religious ceremony. The process of court marriage in India is governed by the Special Marriage Act, 1954. Court marriage in Delhi is a simple and hassle-free process if all the required documents are in place. The court marriage fees in Delhi are also very nominal as compared to other cities in India.

What Court Marriage Fees in Delhi

A court marriage in Delhi costs between 4,000 and 8,000 rupees. The majority of this fee goes towards the officiant, with the remainder split between the witnesses and the administrative costs associated with filing the marriage certificate. Court marriages are typically quicker and easier than traditional Hindu weddings, which can often take weeks to arrange and can cost upwards of 10,000 rupees.

Court Marriage Fees

Court marriage fees in Delhi can vary depending on the court you choose to marry at. The average cost for a court marriage in Delhi is between Rs. 1,500-3,000. This includes the cost of the license, witnesses, and other necessary documents.

Best Court Marriage Fees Delhi

Court marriage in Delhi fees will vary from Rs. 5,000/- to 10,000/- depending on the Court you choose to solemnize your marriage. The documents required for court marriage are:-

1. Passport-size photographs of both the bride and groom.

2. Residence proof of both the bride and groom (any one of the following – passport/voter ID card/Aadhaar card).

3. Birth certificate of both the bride and groom.

4. Affidavit by both parties stating their marital status (single/divorced/widowed).

5. If either party is divorced, then a copy of the divorce decree is required.

6. If either party is widowed, then a copy of the death certificate of a spouse is required

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